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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The ugliest buildings in America - let's start with Meadowlands Xanadu

The Week has put together a great visual list of the ugliest buildings in America. Let's begin with the  New Jersey "megamall" Meadowlands Xanadu (now American Dream Meadlowlands)  – stalled in construction – one of the latest eyesores to join the list of hideous structures. The mall was described by Mills Corporation chairman Laurence E. Siegel, the original co-developer of the project, as "...a new standard for bringing lifestyle, recreation, sports and family entertainment offerings together in one location."  Ground was broken on the complex on September 29, 2004, and was expected to open two years later. A series of owners and bankruptcies have stalled the project, with the new owners now forecasting the completion in 2013. Read the entire mall sad saga here.

You've had a taste, go to The Week to see a slideshow of the rest of the uglies.

American Dream Meadowlands previously "Meadowlands Xanadu"Credit: Wikimedia Commons/Millertime83


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